Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How Do You Do That?
A. Every piece is lovingly hand crafted by me one at a time.
I work with a combination of precious metals, sterling silver and 14k gold which comes in sheet and wire.
I cut pieces out of the sheet with a very thin bladed jeweler’s saw and solder them together with an oxygen and propane torch, sometimes as much as a dozen different times.
I manipulate wire with pliers and solder it on for arms, hair, hands, legs, eyeglasses, rings, bracelets, even shoelaces!
Add pin parts or jump rings, and apply a nice brush finish.

Q. What’s the time frame for making them?
A. About 2 to 3 weeks to make them, more time for a May or December order.

Q. Can I combine many drawings into one piece?
A. Yes, you can combine more than one drawing from more than one child into one piece of jewelry.

Q. How many ways are there to pay?
A. I accept personal checks and Master Card, Visa, and Discover Cards.

Q. What if I can’t decide on drawings?
A. Send several and I’ll help you choose the best one.

Q. How big does the drawing have to be?
A. The size of the drawing is not important and I’ll work from pencil, marker, crayons, drawings or paintings.

Q. Will the process harm the drawing?
A. All artwork is returned unharmed. If your drawing is framed or unwieldy send me a photo copy.

Q. How big is the jewelry?
A. I generally make pins 2″ and earrings 1½”. I can work larger or smaller, as you desire.

Q. Is ordering different during the holidays?
A. Please allow more time in May and December. For best results order them 2 or more months early.

Q. Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
A. Guaranteed, and references are available.

Q. What if I need the order fast?
A. You can call and check if I can schedule a rush job for you. (252-202-4672)